Hey there! Hejdå! Shalom!

I am glad you have found my website. This is the website of David Ermes. I am a communications and politics professional living in Kiel with my wonderful wife and two awesome twingirls.

Since 2019 I am the Head of Communications and Spokesperson for the Ministry of Education, Science and Cultural Affairs in Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein. As a member of Hermann Ehlers Foundation (a sister organization to KAS) I regularly train and coach local politicians from all over Schleswig-Holstein in political strategy and communications.

Previously I worked as Chief of Staff to an MP in the German Bundestag and as deputy spokesperson to the Christian Democrats (CDU) party headquarters in Berlin.

I have professional experience as a senior advisor to an MP in parliament on issues regarding the parliamentary committee on Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth as well as Humanitarian Rights and Humanitarian Aid. I am a political scientist with a background in law and peace and conflict studies. My main focus is on agenda setting and policy strategies.

Everything is communications. I am a digital resident, startet out coding my first (utterly ugly) website in pure html nearly 20 years ago and I am still deeply in love with the age of information technology.

I might be your missing crew member for endeavours to come. I am open for new adventures and I would love to work on strategies and policies about bringing future technology and present societal problems together.

I am passionate about Israel. From age two on I have been to Israel over 25 times both with my family and professionally. I have worked as a communications advisor for the Jewish Medical Association in Germany and helped to launch the Jewish Forum within CDU. Advocacy for Israel and fostering better cooperation between Israel and Germany are very deer to me. 

I am an avid yachtsman , boat owner and I spend my very limited spare time refitting an old sailing vessel at a shipyard close to our home.

What about that complexity thing? Well, I reject the notion that a complex world is making things more complicated. Unlike being a threat to solutions or an obstacle to be overcome, complexity is a chance for us to find various angles to tackle the challenges ahead. With people from different backgrounds and with a broad spectrum of philosophies we can collaborate and find new ways to go ahead. Complexity is not a gordian knot but a sum of entry points to new ideas. By accepting complexity, rethinking and re-thinking the challenges ahead I strongly belief collaborative processes are the future of progress.

Enough about me! Let's get in touch! mail@davidermes.de